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At my first and only appointment, Dr. Leone prohibited his dental hygienist from cleaning my teeth because I had not taken a prophylactic antibiotic. His response to my subsequent email, which included the recommendations of the American Dental Association, the American Heart Association, and the Cleveland Clinic to not prescribe prophylactic antibiotics prior to dental care unless the patient has had a heart valve replacement or a heart transplant, was to have a subordinate call to tell me that, contrary to the ADA’s recommendation, Dr. Leone would continue to require patients with artificial joints to take prophylactic antibiotics prior to any dental care and that I was an unsuitable patient for his practice. I asked if, like the ADA’s recommendation, Dr. Leone’s decision was based on any medical studies. The subordinate could not site any. It should be noted that prior to a study conducted in 2014, the ADA did recommend prophylactic antibiotics for patients with artificial joints; but has since reversed their recommendation. Dr. Leone is simply 8 years behind and I have a mouth full of teeth which need to be cleaned.

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