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Dr. Smithson told me I needed 8 crowns. She did four on one side and my mouth has never been the same. I am still in pain and plan on taking this to the Dental Board. Two other dentists told me that she didn't fit the crowns right and that the teeth are still exposed on the bottom. On one visit I caught them trying to take an x-ray of a tooth they had already x-rayed because I had some insurance for the year left. During one of the crown procedures I woke up from sedation gagging, tried to get her attention, and she started screaming and cussing at me. This was all very disturbing and I just wanted to be done with her but now I'm still in pain. The only solution is to cut off the crowns she installed and pay for new ones. Later, she did apologize for screaming and cussing and agreed that it was unprofessional. By the way, two other dentists told me that I didn't need the other crowns that she wanted to do. I wonder if I really needed the four she messed up. I am so sorry I trusted this dentist and I'm scared that my mouth will never be the same.

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