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Dr. William Morris Rating 1.0 stars based on 1 reviews $$$$
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I went to see Dr. Morris because I was looking for a new dentist. My teeth were sound with no problems until I went to see this money hungry Dentist! He told me that my front tooth needed pulling and then said; in order for your smile to look good, you would need a bridge for the front four teeth. Being young and stupid, I let this man do the work to destroy my teeth! before I knew it, he then convinced me to bridge most of my top teeth! The day of the appt. I was the only patient for the day. I stopped counting after 38 shots to the mouth and spending 8 hours in the dentist chair. When this mad man got was done, I was horrified!!! My teeth were destroyed & my life changed. My pretty smile was gone & replaced with big over sized looking teeth & not natural. Then one by one I started having severe pain and swelling. Dr. Morris said I needed root canals on two of my teeth that were under the bridge. After the root canals, I developed a big abscess! I was desperate & in so much pain. So I contacted Dr. Morris & he told me; That he had enough of my problems & he was through with me. I had been more than a polite patient to him & his staff. Thanks to this man & $30,000.00 later, I now wear upper false teeth!

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