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Review 1 by Stars: 4.0 on Link
Everyone who works there is very friendly and helpful. They typically do a good job on cleanings but my last visit left the inside of my bottom front teeth grimy. I've had one in office crown done. It fit fine in my mouth but I was very disatisfied because I was round and didnt feel like my original tooth shape. They did polish it for free when I told them my problem though.

I know this doctor: 2yrs

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Review 2 by Stars: 5.0 on Link
Dr. Law and his staff are awesome, they are very relaxed with each other as well as with you. They confer with each other for opinions (he asked his hygienest for her opinion when he was matching the color of my crowns to my other teeth). I'm a true chicken in the dentist chair yet I felt confortable enough w/ his calm matter and obvious experience that I didn't require 3 or 4 extra shots of novacaine, his needle didn't hurt going in either (my past dentist I swear didn't sharpen his needles). I was having what I thought was a toothache, Dr. Law took a ton of x-rays looknig for the source of my pain and he said it had to be my sinuses because he couldn't find anything wrong, he said that he could do a root canal but he didn't feel comfortable doing that when he couldn't find anything obviously wrong. It did turn out to be my sinuses - at that point I was willing to let him do a root canal and he could have made alot of money just for the kicks but he put my welfare first. I really like that. Also, he has done 6 crowns so far in my mouth and I've actually had several compliments on how good my teeth look which I've never had before. Very nice!
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