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I knew this would be no ordinary teeth cleaning when the doctor himself called me on a Saturday to set up the initial appointment. Visiting Dr. Turner is a step back in time to the days when you actually developed a rapport with the dentist. His small, neat office has old equipment, but everything is spotless. There was no receptionist the day I went, so the Dr. himself greeted me, gave me the forms, and then, as there was no hygeniest either, sat me down in the chair and went to work cleaning my teeth! NO WAIT! He only sees 1 patient per hour. He is very old school - I guess he has no need for someone else to clean his patients' teeth. I hadn't been to a dentist in almost 3 years, but he was very gentle and thorough, so there was no pain or discomfort. He actually hands you the cup of water to rinse - no noisy, awful water pic and sucking machine that many "modern" dental hygienists stick in your mouth. He is an older man (I kept looking at the appreciation award on the wall thinking the dates were wrong: 1961-1986) He's been a dentist for more than 45 years! We talked about Tucson, work, our wives, life in general, crime, etc. I forgot I was at the dentist! The copay was $20 - we have Assurant Insurance. He's a great guy.
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