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Dr. William Heagy Rating 2.0 stars based on 2 reviews $
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Review 1 by Stars: 1.0 on Link
Not impressed with this "doctor", his professionalism, his threatening behavior towards my child, or his temper tantrums. My son was nervous about the IV process and the needle. The Dr. became angry and frustrated with my child, grabbed him by the face, stood above him as my son was in the dental chair, and began screaming and hollering at him. Both my child and I wear fearful, and I could not believe what I was witnessing. I tried to grab the the man's hand and pull it away from my child, but I was physically not strong enough. As a mother, this was the worst feeling in the world, watching my son be threatened and intimidated by a "trusted professional"! This man should never be allowed to work with children, and he owes my child an apology at the very least.....

About Front Desk: Front desk was freindly and polite, and seemed to feel sorry for us and what we had been through.

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Review 2 by Stars: 2.5 on Link
I had an extraction done last week and it seemed to go smoothly. They prescribed me 20 percocet instead of 20 hydrocodone at my request because the hydrocodone makes me extremely nauseous. Over the weekend I ran out of pain medication and contiued to have moderate to severe pain. When I called them, they refused to refill the percocet and called me in the hydrocodone...which of course made me sick. Now, I'm at work, in pain, with a cheek that feels as though it might explode. When I called to explain this to them and offered to surrender my usless hydrocodone for the pecocet that helps so much, I was mocked, compared, and treated like a drug seeker and basicly told to deal with it. I spoke to Carl, and intern, who at one point laughed at me and told me that they can't just pass out drugs like candy. I'm not asking for candy. I'm asking for pain management. I just believe that everyone is different and handles pain differently. I was insulted and saddened by their callousness and indifference to my pain. I would never recommend that anyone go there for any work done. The front desk staff was lovely and the facilities were bright and clean. Other than that, steer clear. I won't be returning to them.

I know this doctor: a few weeks.

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