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Dr. Gary Epstein Rating 3.5 stars based on 2 reviews $$$
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My daughter saw Dr. Epstein to have her wisdom teeth removed, and I was very impressed with the care provided and the chair-side manners of Dr. Epstein and his staff. They put us all at ease, the surgery was very successful, there was minimal pain and bleeding, and they took excellent care of her. What absolutely amazed me, though, was getting a call from Dr. Epstein at 8:45 pm to check on my daughter, make sure she was ok, ask if she or we had any concerns, etc. Doctors NEVER take that sort of personal care anymore. I was very impressed, and happily recommend Dr. Epstein and his team.
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Review 2 by Stars: 2.0 on Link
This oral surgeon has deceptive billing practices. THey told me it was going to be one cost, I gave them a large check b4 the procedure and my insurance also paid a large amount but then they said I owed more, which they did not tell me me before the procedure. WHen I tried to work out a payment plan, they instead took me to court. I looked them up on the maryland judiciary website and couldn't believe what I found. They had placed many BODY ATTACHments on people to obtain their judgements. These people had been taken into custody by the police for a dentist bill!! I believe their billing practices are very wrong. go to and do your own search . They are under Oral Surgery Associates
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