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I had TMJ surgery and a facelift almost a year ago. Before I went to him, a number of doctors and patients would say "He's a great doctor but has a lousy bedside manner." It's true. He breezes in and out of the exam room very fast and when he walks out you don't know if he's coming back in or what. It was hard to get questions answered. I told him I had a tendency to form keloids and asked if that would be a problem with the facelift. "If it is we'll deal with it" was about all I could get out of him. I am very happy with the jaw surgery, but I wouldn't do the facelift if I had it to do over again. I have huge keloid scars that are uncomfortable and sensitive to cold. I don't feel I can wear my hair up anymore or have it short. I've had cortisone shots 3 times and they hurt like hell. After the last set of shots last week I was told he may need to "revise" them. Once when Dr. Potter was out I met with Dr. Bell (in his office) and I liked him a lot and the incisions a friend had for the same surgery I had are not noticeable at all. So, my recommendation would be to go with Dr. Bell. He is as good as Potter and has a very pleasant, informative bedside manner.

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