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Stay away !!! Dr. Steven Tipps pulled my teeth for dentures 2 months ago. Since then his office has tried to charge me more than was quoted to me, he is trying to charge me for more surgical extractions than should have been done, He left my upper jaw bone very jagged and bones are now protruding through my gums and making it impossible to wear my dentures. He cut a piece of my jawbone out sitting in chair without any shots to numb the area. Now he is trying to charge me to go back and smooth out my bone in my upper jaw when it should have been done during the initial surgery. also his staff lies to cover his back when trying to deal with them. another person had the same procedure I had about 3 weeks after me and they only charged her about 1/3 the price they charged me. She has the same complaints about the staff and Dr. Tipps as I do. Stay Away from this doctor.

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