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My Review for Kenneth L. Schenck, Jr. DDS This guy is dangerous. My whole reason for going to an 'oral surgeon' was to be adequately sedated for wisdom tooth extraction. He gave me an unmarked pill in a small envelope and called it a tranquilizer, and foolishly trusting him, I took it. It had no effect. His first step in preparing me for the procedure was to strap my hands down, which tells me he knew that he would be hurting me. During the procedure he hit the nerves in my jaw multiple times with his drill. When I moaned he stopped and told me that I "don't need to make noise" that he could see my (strapped down) hand move. Every time I told him it hurt he acted as though it was an inconvenience. Then when he was apparently nearing completion, he told me to "just hold on" that he was almost done... all the while drilling into my nerve. I hope he had fun with the money he saved on the drugs for my sedation and pain. If you go, prepare to hurt. Decent 'bedside manner' beforehand, but it won't fool me again.
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had to have oral surgery to be fitted for dentures.. excellent doctor, excellent staff.. a friendlier place you won't find.. and the work is superb.. plus, no pain.. if you need this type of dentist, look no further..

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