Best Dentist Houston TX

Dr. Melicia Tjoa DDS - Dentist

150 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 713-660-0966 Call

"Dr. Tjoa, Cherry, and staff have been exceptional in taking care of my dental needs for over 10 years. They are incredibly attentive, responsive, and competent in their patient care. Whether it was helping me navigate an emergency root canal or fitting me with an effective dental device to free me from serious jaw/tooth pain, they have always been there ..."

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Dr. Steve Koo DDS - Oral Surgeon

25 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 7137835560 Call

"This man is a dentist and should not be allowed to perform complex operations on patients. He should stick to cleaning teeth and putting in fake teeth. He has messed up my mouth and my quality of life. On top of that he has continuously mistreated me and not listened to me when I try to tell him I am ..."

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Dr. David Dennison DDS - Periodontist

20 reviews Rating

Houston, TX (713) 523-9040 Call

"It's great to know there are dentist who care! Dr. Dennison completed cosmetic crown lengthening for me- I love the results! Initially I was overwhelmed with the decision to have treatment- my procedure was elective- I was very nervous making the decision to have treatment that I didn't need for health reasons. I had a previous consultation for the procedure ..."

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Dr. Scott Young DDS - Dentist

14 reviews Rating

The Woodlands, TX (281) 367-2583 Call

"Teeth cleaning for periodontal disease . Dr. Young has excellent chair side manner. Natalie is lovely and professional."

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Dr. Aurora Sordelli DDS - Orthodontist

8 reviews Rating

Houston, TX 281-759-2929 Call

"Dr. Sordelli did perform Orthodontic treatment to my teenager son and the result was so outstanding that motivated me to follow the same procedure to my 50+ years old teeth. After 8 months into my treatment and despite typical pain, my teeth are straight and my bite has been resetting accordingly. The best of all is that Dr. Sordelli and ..."

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Dr. Jonathan Penchas DMD - Prosthodontist

9 reviews Rating

Houston, TX (713) 807-9877 Call

"The office is relaxing and professional. Appointments run on time. The dentist is very skilled - procedures never hurt."

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Dr. Maria Green DDS - Pediatric Dentist

27 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"I really didn't have a choice when my daughter's insurance changed to take her to a descent dentist - I don't think the hygenist there thinks that the children are not listening to their negative comments about their teeth but ..."

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Dr. Carl Pittman DDS - Pediatric Dentist

26 reviews Rating

Spring, TX

"I was very impressed with this physician. He really takes his time during your visit and that is rare to find now-and-day."

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Dr. Kenneth Lepow DDS - Dentist

22 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"After eleven months, the work I paid $18,000 for upfront is still not done. Dr. Lepow and I agreed on $8,000 refund. The office manager, his son Jonathan, wrote two checks for $4,000 each. Both were hot checks. Wiped my ..."

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Dr. Christopher Moore DDS - Dentist

17 reviews Rating

Houston, TX

"loved dr Moore along with Jessica && Tracy!! enjoyed my first visit and have finally found my dentist!!! =) thank you all so much!!!!"

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