Dr. Elizabeth Padilla Simply Smiles DMD - Dentist

476 reviews Rating

Auburn, WA 253-939-6900 Call

"She was very professional with a caring and sensitive personality. Easy to talk to too and attentive to my wishes and concerns. The staff was totally in sync and exemplified amazing customer service, showcasing a sincere and trustworthy persona that was very honest and made me feel welcome and special."

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Dr. Philip Hodge DDS - Dentist

155 reviews Rating

Renton, WA 253-852-4746 Call

"Dr. Phillip Hodge is professional, incredibly knowledgeable and is compassionate with his patients. His dental staff are outstanding as are his office staff. They are friendly, helpful and are incredibly knowledgeable. I appreciate their work and I highly recommend them."

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Dr. Rachelle Cohen DMD MSD - Endodontist

19 reviews Rating

Seattle, WA 206-937-1010 Call

"Dr. Cohen is extremely helpful - she explained everything about my procedure. She made every attempt to save a tooth that was giving me trouble because it was cracked. Upon discovery, at another dentist office who was to install a crown, it was discovered that my tooth was actually cracked in 3 places, and so the tooth needed to be ..."

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Dr. Beth Gold DDS - Periodontist

14 reviews Rating

Marysville, WA 360-659-6732 Call

"I have had periodontic gum surgeries, grafts and cleanings for the past 25 years in Seattle until about 5 years ago. I had moved to Snohomish County, and began having serious dental problems as a result of trauma from a childhood accident. I weighed my options and decided to go for an implant and lucked out by going to Dr. ..."

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Dr. Lee Thelen DDS - Dentist

11 reviews Rating

Federal Way, WA 253-838-4200 Call

"Professional and very friendly. Best Dentist !!! My appts are always fun!!"

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