Dental Implant CA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Nicky Hakimi DDS, MSD - Periodontist

16 reviews Rating

Auburn, CA

"Dr. Hakimi never forgets she is working on a human being! She waylays fears, anxieties, and apprehension about "going to the dentist" with ease and her assured manner. She has performed three different procedures on me from which I have ..."

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Dr. Oded Bahat DDS - Periodontist

11 reviews Rating

Beverly Hills, CA

"Dr. Bahat is a very thorough, knowledgeable and experienced doctor with wonderful nurturing, sunny personality. He first sent me for consultations to make sure what is the best course of treatment for the implants and how to minimize cost and ..."

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Dr. Uma Patel DDS - Dentist

26 reviews Rating

Fremont, CA 510-797-4900 Call

"I wish there was a 6 star option because my experience with Dr. Uma Patel was nothing less than stellar. Here's why - 1. She's a skilled and experienced dentist and she worked on my implant with precision. 2. She's a great communicator. She'll give you great advice and will clearly communicate through any procedure she will do. 3. She's ..."

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Dr. Lewis Specker DDS - Dentist

24 reviews Rating

San Francisco, CA

"Dr. Specker is an outstanding dentist. Extremely thorough, precise, and professional. This level of service does not come cheap but he keeps his prices reasonable, and you know you are getting the best treatment available."

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Dr. James Hinkle DDS, MAGD - Dentist

12 reviews Rating

Alameda, CA

"Stay away! dr Hinkle did my husbands fillings and after less than two years they need to be done over because they looke like a three year old did them!!! my husband now needs crowns. Not only that but dr ..."

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Dr. Esther Lopez DDS - Dentist

10 reviews Rating

San Francisco, CA

"Dr. Lopez had me get a root canal for a tooth that didn’t need the surgery, which I didn’t know at that time. And later I found out Dr. Lopez had been ripping me off when she showed me an ..."

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Dr. Rani Shina DDS - Dentist

13 reviews Rating

Poway, CA

"Seriously thee best Dental Office in the area! I live in Chula Vista and gladly drive up to Poway for dental services. From the front desk to the Hygienist to the Dentist himself, they're very knowledgeable and kind, very attentive ..."

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Dr. William Bohannan DDS, MD - Oral Surgeon

6 reviews Rating

Burlingame, CA

"i went to google and found dr bohannan. he took out 3-of my wisdom teeth. one of them was already impacted. it took only 30-minutes. i am very happy with the result. i love the receptionist at his office, catherine. ..."

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Dr. Bert Kaufman DDS - Prosthodontist

9 reviews Rating

Woodland Hills, CA

"Dr. Kaufman is an excellent dentist and I have been impressed with the quality care I have received. He is thorough, personable, helpful, and has always shown a genuine concern for my overall satisfaction. I have been seeing Dr. Kaufman ..."

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Dr. George Matosian DDS - Dentist

9 reviews Rating

La Mesa, CA

"I had a root canal treatment with Dr Matosian done almost 20 years ago and never had any issues. He was also very friendly and made my overall experience great. I had another root canal performed by another dentist over ..."

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