Dentist VA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Michael Rogers DDS - Dentist

265 reviews Rating

Arlington, VA (703) 671-1001 Call

"Great experience, knowledgeable staff, terrific in every way. Highly recommend."

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Dr. Hanah Pham DDS - Dentist

215 reviews Rating

Reston, VA (703) 860-4148 Call

"“ I have really enjoyed my experience at Reston Sunrise Dentistry for the past 8 years. This is the first dentist that I’ve been to that explained things really well (estimated money due at the beginning of appointment and dental issues). I also like how Dr. Pham tries to proactively prevent future issues. The staff and Dr. Pham are very ..."

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Dr. Aramesh Darvishian DDS - Dentist

70 reviews Rating

Reston, VA 703-955-4440 Call

"Overall my experience getting Invisalign with Perfect Smiles was a pleasant one. I completed my invisalign trays in approximately. Lots of office visits, several brackets fell off throughout the years so more office visits (luckily all visits were free after paying in full up front). I had a difficult case, so I’m not surprised it took a long time. We ..."

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Dr. Peter Cocolis DMD - Dentist

69 reviews Rating

Springfield, VA (703) 912-3800 Call

"I cannot say enough good about Dr. Peter Cocolis and his staff. I am TERRIFIED of going to the dentist; I literally quake and have to bring my husband. I have seen Dr. Cocolis on two occasions now. The first time he replaced a broken temporary crown, put on by another dentist, within hours of my calling him on a ..."

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Dr. Medhat Ghannam DDS, FICOI - Dentist

56 reviews Rating

Burke, VA 703-455-7770 Call

"Dr. Ghannam has been my dentist for 5 yrs. and he is awesome. I never thought I would hear myself say these words ...I am no longer scared to death to walk in the door. Dr. Ghannam makes sure I am not in any discomfort on a continuous basis. He has been restoring my teeth for the past 2+ years. ..."

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Dr. Bernard Lynch DMD, FAGD - Dentist

31 reviews Rating

Burke, VA 703 596 1555 Call

"This is the best dental practice I've ever experienced. Highly recommend!"

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Dr. Peter Lanzaro DDS - Dentist

19 reviews Rating

Fairfax Station, VA

"Dr. Lanzaro and his Staff hands down is one of the best in this area. I have felt so comfortable once i fell asleep in the chair, :) Thumbs up. Keith"

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Dr. Bruce Markoff DDS - Dentist

17 reviews Rating

Springfield, VA

"I needed to find a dentist on our dental plan. I found Dr. Markoff and read that he had excellent patient ratings so I decided to give his practice a try. In the year that I've been going to him, ..."

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Dr. William Babington DDS - Dentist

17 reviews Rating

Chantilly, VA

"Friendly, knowledgeable, experienced professional that has always provided me with superb service. Explains options and cost prior to treatment. Took the fear out of root canals for me. Partial has lasted well over the normal lifespan and still works fine. ..."

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Dr. Carlene Marcus DDS - Dentist

15 reviews Rating

Reston, VA

"Dr Marcus is great and very professional. She has always done an excellent job for me and my family. That is why we still go to her office even though we moved away from Reston."

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