Who's Best Dentist in VA

Dr. Michael Rogers DDS - Dentist

267 reviews Rating

Arlington, VA (703) 671-1001 Call

"Dr. Rogers and his team do excellent work."

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Dr. Hanah Pham DDS - Dentist

216 reviews Rating

Reston, VA (703) 860-4148 Call

"Reston Sunrise Dentistry has everything I'm looking for in a dental practice. First and foremost, Dr Pham does excellent work. I've had everything done from crowns to root canals. My teeth have never been healthier. They also look and feel better than they ever have. I'm always informed exactly what will done and how much it cost. During the procedure ..."

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Dr. Aramesh Darvishian DDS - Dentist

70 reviews Rating

Reston, VA 703-955-4440 Call

"Overall my experience getting Invisalign with Perfect Smiles was a pleasant one. I completed my invisalign trays in approximately. Lots of office visits, several brackets fell off throughout the years so more office visits (luckily all visits were free after paying in full up front). I had a difficult case, so I’m not surprised it took a long time. We ..."

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Dr. Medhat Ghannam DDS, FICOI - Dentist

56 reviews Rating

Burke, VA (703) 455-7770 Call

"Dr. Ghannam has been my dentist for 5 yrs. and he is awesome. I never thought I would hear myself say these words ...I am no longer scared to death to walk in the door. Dr. Ghannam makes sure I am not in any discomfort on a continuous basis. He has been restoring my teeth for the past 2+ years. ..."

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Dr. Karl Smith DDS MS MBA - Periodontist

37 reviews Rating

Alexandria, VA (703) 894-4867 Call

"12 years later and moved across several states but still had friends and relatives still here in DC- I decided to come back to see Dr. Smith to have his office clean my teeth and check out my implants. He has new technology now and took a free scan to see my implants. PERFECT PERFECT PERFECT. I am so very ..."

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Dr. Bernard Lynch DMD, FAGD - Dentist

31 reviews Rating

Burke, VA 703 596 1555 Call

"This is the best dental practice I've ever experienced. Highly recommend!"

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Dr. Jean-claude Kharmouche DDS - Periodontist

19 reviews Rating

Sterling, VA 703-444-4377 Call

"Referred to Dr. Kharmouche by my regular dentist,to assess gum recession, I have had 4 separate grafts over 18 months. Each procedure, thanks to Dr.K's professional expertise, was successful, with minimal discomfort during and after surgery. No problems during the healing process and I am happy with new gums. Dr. Kharmouche has a friendly , helpful personality which puts his ..."

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Dr. Robert Doriot DDS - Oral Surgeon

57 reviews Rating

Fairfax, VA

"Dr. Doriot seems to have great professional skills but he has sold this practice (NVC Fairfax) and seems he will be there for a very short period of time. After two calls and one letter I am still waiting for ..."

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Dr. Peter Lanzaro DDS - Dentist

19 reviews Rating

Fairfax Station, VA

"Dr. Lanzaro and his Staff hands down is one of the best in this area. I have felt so comfortable once i fell asleep in the chair, :) Thumbs up. Keith"

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Dr. Edward Nelson DMD - Pediatric Dentist

17 reviews Rating

Mc Lean, VA

"We've been going to Dr. Nelson's office for over 11 years. The true test of a dentist is how things are handled when things go wrong. My 4yo had a tooth in really bad shape. Everyone was very relaxed and ..."

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