Endodontist Boston MA Rankings and Reviews

Dr. Patricia Machalinski DDS - Endodontist

12 reviews Rating

Arlington, MA

"Dr. Pat did 4 different procedures on a total of two teeth. I have a low pain tolerance threshold, and she was at sensitive and responsive as humanly possible and got me through each time. I had a very tricky ..."

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Dr. Zena Al-adeeb DR. - Endodontist

5 reviews Rating

Brookline, MA

"I was referred to Zena as a specialist for my root canal. She was very nice and very impressive. She came in on her day off to help out which was amazing. She was very quick and professional and did ..."

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Dr. Emma Koukol DDS - Endodontist

6 reviews Rating

Acton, MA

"Dr Koukol is hands down the best endodontist in the area. My husband and I have both been her patient, and recently my mother became her patient as well. My mother cannot open her mouth wide for more than ten ..."

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Dr. Ekbal Elkadry DDS - Endodontist

9 reviews Rating

Quincy, MA

"I have seen Dr. Eqbal Elkadry for more than 10 years. I have everything done by her and her daughter, Dr. Noha, for my gum drafting. Dr. Eqbal and Dr. Noha are the best dentists I have ever had in ..."

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Dr. Gregg Nagel DDS - Endodontist

8 reviews Rating

Framingham, MA

"I was told that I needed a re-do of a procedure that had been done by another endodontis 3 years before. When I went for a second opinion, I was told that there was no problem with that tooth and ..."

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Dr. Salvatore Vinci DMD - Endodontist

5 reviews Rating

Dedham, MA

"Love him! Very professional. Excellent patient manner, excellent knowledge. Will put you at ease. Explains every step. Very personable. All work he did was perfect. Would recommend him to everyone."

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Dr. Ayman Aboushala DMD - Endodontist

4 reviews Rating

Weston, MA

"my dentist recommended dr.aboushala , I was a little apprehensive because of my anxiety with the dentist. Dr. Aboushala and his assistant Shawna made me so comfortable and reassured, that my anxiety was practically none existent. There mutual respect for ..."

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Dr. Eric Weinstock DDS - Endodontist

4 reviews Rating

Canton, MA

"I never thought I would say a root canal was amazing.....but this was painfree and effortless"

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Dr. Leslie Miller DDS - Endodontist

4 reviews Rating

Wellesley Hills, MA

"Dr. Miller provided me with fantastic care for which I am deeply grateful. Ian Shine, MD"

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Dr. Louay Abrass DMD - Endodontist

11 reviews Rating

Andover, MA

"excellent dentist put you right at ease soft spoken and very gentle."

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