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Dr. Mehdy Rad - Orthodontist

35 reviews Rating

Potomac, MD 301-299-3993 Call

"Great doctor"

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Dr. Lara Minahan DR. - Orthodontist

14 reviews Rating

Olney, MD 301-260-2030 Call

"Both my children receive treatment from Dr. Minahan and she is absolutely wonderful. My teenage son just had his braces removed and he looks amazing. Here is what he had to say - "I never got tired or afraid of going to Dr. Minahan's office. They were always so cheerful, friendly and caring! I am proud of my smile and ..."

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Dr. Debra & Richard Shin DDS - Orthodontist

8 reviews Rating

Rockville, MD 301-770-7770 Call

"We saw Dr Debra Shin. There was no formal greeting or introduction on meeting - we were just motioned to the chair to begin the exam. She did not do much to make my daughter feel at ease - she was stiff, and rushed. Also repeated things more the necessary. My child is asperberger/autism diagnosis and did not have a ..."

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Dr. Allen Garai DDS - Orthodontist

10 reviews Rating

Vienna, VA 703-281-4868 Call

"the staff is very extremely friendly and accommodating. My daughter was treated by Dr. Garai and I've known Dr. Garai for several years!"

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Dr. Carmine Petrarca DDS - Orthodontist

14 reviews Rating

Bethesda, MD

"This doctor treated my crowded bottom teeth using 10 months of wire braces and a planned 5 or so months of Invisalign. After a short period on the Invisalign, I started getting severe neck pain, and was diagnosed with TMJ. ..."

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Dr. Katherine Vroom DDS - Orthodontist

11 reviews Rating

Annandale, VA

"I went to Dr. Vroom when I was in highschool and she did an AMAZING job. However I did not wear my retainer and some of the space came back. Now that I'm an adult and living about 30 minutes ..."

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Dr. David Metzdorf DDS - Orthodontist

9 reviews Rating

Fairfax, VA

"I transferred my son to Dr. Metzdorf to avoid teeth extraction prior to installing braces. We were offered a reasonable payment plan and started the treatment. The Dr. and office staff seem professional and provide good customer service. The office ..."

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Dr. Donald Larson DDS - Orthodontist

8 reviews Rating

Alexandria, VA

"Went to him a few years ago, Very friendly and patient with you!"

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Dr. Chris Tsintolas DDS - Orthodontist

7 reviews Rating

Gaithersburg, MD

"Dr. Tsintolas is excellent as a doctor and as a person. His price is also very reasonable. I would give him the highest marks. I highly recommend him."

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