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Dr. David Mueller DDS - Oral Surgeon

9 reviews Rating

Virginia Beach, VA

"dr mueller gaved me a consult for oral surgery, and for him to look in my mouth and talk for 15 minutes, he charged me almost 400 dollars. he did not review xrays. very unpleasant experience with this doctor."

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Dr. Fred Ochave DDS - Dentist

10 reviews Rating

Virgina Beach, VA

"This dentist is judgmental, arrogant, no professional ethics, cold, he thinks "he is all that," He came in and did not even say "hello" he did not make me feel welcome as a first-time patient, he was not friendly at ..."

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Dr. Jack Cherin DMD - Dentist

2 reviews Rating

Virginia Beach, VA

"Dr. Cherin was my dentist when I was a young child...6 years old. The mask for the gas scared me and I didn't want to breathe the gas, so Dr. Cherin hit me and yelled at me. His treatment of ..."

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