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Migraines and the TMJ March 2, 2008, 8:14 a.m.

 Many patients suffer from migraine headaches and go undiagnosed.  Dr. Robert Lee once said  "A failing chewing system and its relationship to the TMJ is the most significant event leading to pain and tooth loss".  Many patients do not think of their dentist when seeking relief from migraines. Quite frequently they continue to suffer and are placed on strong pain medications to control their pain.  A true diagnosis is never made and the only percievable solution is to control the pain with medications.Other health care specialists may be involved to help control the pain, physical therapists, chiropractors and even acupuncturists.  All of these treatment modalities may help control the pain.  Pain is a symptom and without identifing the cause, the symptoms will always be present.  Bioesthetics is the study of naturally occuring chewing systems that last a lifetime.  They function pain free while maintaining the health of the TMJ's and the beauty of the teeth.  Headaches and muscle aches are just a few of the symptoms that are exhibited when a chewing system is not in harmony.The chewing system is composed of the jaw joints (TMJ's), the bones, muscles and the teeth.  These structures must all work in harmony with each other to avoid the painful deterioration that can take place.  As a result muscle tension develops as our bodies way to compensate for a lower jaw, the mandible that is out of proper alignment with the base of the skull.  The union of the lower jaw and the cranialbase is called the TMJ (temporal mandibular joint).Bioesthetics therefore allows for a proper diagnosis of the true mandibular to cranial base relationship to be identified.  This correct positioning or alignment of the TMJ's  can provide relief from the muscle tension, the cause of the headache.   There is a solution to your migraines.