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Dr. Pat Di Ciccio DDS - Orthodontist

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Unfortunately I used this unqualified Orthodontist for my daughter's treatment. One of the biggest mistakes I have ever made in my life. Not only did her treatment take 4 years for something that should have taken 2 years, he also treated her poorly behind closed doors and accused her of not doing what she was supposed to to for her part at home (my daughter graduated 1 rank in her class and received the Governor's California Scholar Award, she always does what she is supposed to regarding directions she has been given,she could teach lessons in self discipline) He also was going to even up her front teeth when he took her braces off, he filed them so they were slanted at an angle. I had to take her to another Orthodontist to have them corrected. It made me sick. The only reason I did not take him before the Fresno Madera Dental Society was because I was a caretaker for my mother and working full time and did not have the energy to follow through the process of requesting an investigation. I tell anyone I meet who is considering orthodontia to choose an Orthodontist my sister used and who also repaired some of DiCiccio's mistakes on my daughter's teeth. Do not go to this Orthodontist under any circumstances what so ever.

I know this doctor: 4 years

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