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Dr. Anthony Ellenikiotis DDS - Orthodontist

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I am sickened by my experience with Dr. E. from whom I received treatment for 21/2 years. My results are poor both asthetically and functionally. I am still suffering from TMJ-related issues which is why I was referred to Dr. E in the first place, but Dr. E. has refused to see me since my first post-braces appt. with him in January. I have kindly requested consultations to discuss my ongoing issues and further treatment, and he won't even speak with me on the phone. I have paid more than $7,500 to Dr. E. for orthodontics, and now he refuses to follow-up. I highly dislike conflict so I was tolerant of Dr. E's arrogance and social inequities during treatment--I had been assured he was the best. But he actually brought me to tears several times while I was in the chair by making deragatory comments, and by being condescending to me when I had questions about my treatment. His offices are state-of-the-art, and his staff are wonderful but they are obviously intimidated by his inflated ego and demeaning behavior. I still have to resolve my issues which causes me tremendous distress, and I am now seeking alternative advice. I would highly discourage anyone from receiving treatment from this man.

I know this doctor: 3 1/2 years

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