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I am sharing my experience because I know there are many concerned mothers like me out there looking for the best for their children. Unfortunately I had to fire these two “superior” brothers during my son’s orthodontics treatment due to the low level of care. Hopefully, the second opinion helped me to find a caring orthodontist in town. By the first look he noticed the undesirable gap between my son’s front teeth and he explained that one of the brackets which had been placed within a wrong angle caused the problem. Also, he stated that braces on the lower teeth in this age for phase one treatment was an aggressive choice. I was not surprised since the dental assistant had performed the initial work instead of the orthodontist. Prior to our second opinion, they had decided to ignore my complaints regarding the unexpected change we were observing. Bob, during one of our office visit responded in a ridiculous manner that he thought he addressed my concern, if not, he might have called a wrong number ! without bothering to even look at me. We are pleased with our son’s new orthodontist (and he will be other family member's orthodontist) but the stress was imposed to my son during this transition always hurts.

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