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Dr. Chris Tsintolas DDS - Orthodontist

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Gaithersburg, MD

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Dr. Tsintolas is a top notch orthodontist. He has treated my 2 kids, husband, and myself. He is very perceptive and knows how to encourage and incentivize both of my kids to be conscientious with their treatment - both of my kids have totally different personalities and outlooks on such matters-he has a great touch with patients of all ages. My son's treatment was started when he was 6 years old and took several different phases as he grew older--he recommended the right treatments along the way and now my son is a teenager with a beautiful smile! My daughter's smile is gorgeous. My husband was treated with a retainer approach. Dr. Tsintolas was able to get his commitment to wear his retainer in spite of his reservation with "wearing" braces as an adult. I was treated with clear braces to correct a relapse from a prior orthodontic treatment. At Dr. Tsintolas' recommendation, I was treated before my 2 kids were to show them that if their Mom could wear braces and survive, they could too! His staff always greets us with a smile and a caring attitude and they keep abreast of the kids' activities. He is a very popular orthodontist with my kids' friends as many of them and their siblings have been his patients. I highly recommend him

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