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I went to Dr. Nick Infantino for a filling and he said it was pretty big and he wanted to clean it out. He said the xray looked good but asked me to come back to clean it out in a few weeks. What he didn't tell me that (clean it out meant a root canal! until I was in the chair in agony while he was trying to put a post in there that was too long and kept hitting the nervce. Almost 2 hours in the chair. If I had know that I would NEVER have had a dentist do a root canal. The Endodontists are far better than than Dentists especially this guy. Turns out I didn't even need root canal!!! and had problems with my tooth after his work. All dentists that have looked my tooth since has said what the heck did he do to your tooth and why that big long post in there. My friend recommended Dr. R Infantino when my dentist retired but I would never return to him. He seems to be a nice guy but did bad work.

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