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I had gone to Dr Muller when I was younger, so this is written after the chance to think about results of what was done, compare in my adult life similar professionals, years that I have seen others with similar treatment from other professionals. Dr Muller is a caring and honest person. He didn't try to steeer me into a possibly more profitable treatment; left it up to us (parents and I) after advising. I agree his advice over the years was correct. Without getting into personal issues he was treating, suffice it to say I asked him to to a more invasive procedure that he strongly advised against, as I was more ready to get the correction over and done with, not a 5 year approach. He advised a more gentle corrective approach or none at all. Thanks, Dr. Muller- I am still OK, and though I did not complete a longer-termed correction, I agree his expertise and care was "proper" and respected. Had I gone somewhere else, I could have had my jaw broken and "corrected" differently, and who knows what complications I would have today. Maybe it would have been better, but it also could have been a mistake; which Dr Muller knew and I thank him for it.

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