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This was the worst experience ever. As a health care provider myself I was very disappointed with their customer service. My son is 2 and this was his first visit to dentist. We arrived 15 min early as requested (7:45am). to fill out new patient paperwork. We were not even called back to exam room until 8:45 am. Then we were asked about whether he takes any medication or has any health issues. I was glad to refer her to chart right in front of her which I filled out when I arrived and since I was waiting for 45 min I figured the chart was reviewed. Needless to say I am annoyed at this point and my son who is 2!!!!! is lossing patience. By 9 am the nurse came back in to tell me the dentist woukld be another 1/2 hour so if I had to leave for work I should make another appointment. Yeah right. The facility is beautiful I must agree but to have a new patient with a 2 year old wait for 1 hour 15 min and then tell me it would be another 1/2 hour, I call that poor customer service. How dear they think I would even come back to this place. My time is money and if you value your time and want on time or even reasonable on time service DONT GO HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We left after 1.5 hr without even seeing the dentist.
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