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Dr. Mark Kahn DDS - Pediatric Dentist

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I can't say enough good about Dr Kahn. For starters, kids like him. But we had an issue about 5 years ago where our young daughter injured several front teeth in a fall. We were given 3 referrals from a reputable source, and Dr Kahn was one of the 3 dentists we were referred to. We took our daughter to the first 2 dentists who essentially recommended the same drastic and expensive measures---remove the injured front teeth, and soon, otherwise our daughter would have further complications, including possible infections in the teeth that were considered to be "dead", and it was almost certain that the underlying adult teeth would not come in normally. With 2 opinions in agreement, we still decided to see a 3rd dentist----Dr Kahn--- as we were somehow hoping not to have to expose our daughter to the trauma of having teeth pulled and "false" teeth at such a young age. To make a long story short, we reluctantly took the advice of Dr Kahn and took a very different approach. Bottom line, Thank goodness for Dr Kahn. Here it is 5 years later, and after a few check ups and only one pulled tooth, he was right on all counts at a fraction of the cost, and no drastic procedures. THANK YOU DR KAHN!

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