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Dr. Fariba Paryavi DDS, MS - Pediatric Dentist

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Gaithersburg, MD

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An excellent dentist. You feel like your at home. Fills cavities like a flash. It feels like you are soaring in outer space. Plays soothing music while filling your cavities. You can fall asleep and not feel anything that goes on around you. Her office is sparkingly clean. she uses a brand new tray of materials for every single patient. She is a decent expert at administering shots. I had to get three shots, yet I didnt feel a single one of them.... If you want your kids to enjoy a generous, loving, kind, clean, exciting, humorous, prompt, smart, responsible, fair, and caring dentist for your children, I recomend wholeheartedly to choosing this dentist. She is an angel and the best I have ever encountered.
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