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Dr. Josephine Montero-Strickler DDS - Pediatric Dentist

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Dr. Montero-Strickler was my son's dentist earlier this year. I have since replaced her with a much better dentist. She was extremely unprofessional while treating my son. I am a bartender and she decided that it was appropriate to discuss the kind of martinis she liked while pulling my son's tooth. She also told me I needed to cut back on the soda and candy I give my son (I do not give my son soda or candy). During the entire time my son was her patient she continually referred to me by my EX-husband's last name. I was also given a quote of around 50 dollars for the service she performed. Now, I understand that insurance coverage can sometimes differ and the amount could very well be more but the procedure ended up costing close to 500 dollars. I will never return to this dentist and I will actively use my influence in the community to encourage others to go elsewhere.

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