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Dr. Robert Wenger DDS - Pediatric Dentist

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Hilliard, OH

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I began taking my son to this Hilliard office as a toddler because of issues with baby teeth. Dr. Wenger's diagnosis and treatment were successful but my son was terrified of him and his gruff manner. His "bedside manner" has not improved over a few years as I hoped it would. My family & I are well-groomed & polite, yet he & several of his office helpers were very condescending when they were not ignoring me. He belittled my son's fears about the equipment and told him that he was not in pain while getting a cavity filled (my son was crying because it hurt and he was afraid). Nothing was done by Dr. Wenger or his staff to restore my child's physical or mental comfort level (nor my own discomfort regarding my child's distress). He actually told my son to "stop the tears or Mom isn't going to be allowed in here with you". Why is this man treating children if he dislikes them and their parents so much? I would NOT recommend this dentist. He has inflated my child's fear & dislike of dental care and has lost my confidence in him. This office does NOT get my recommendation.

I know this doctor: 8 years

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