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I arrived late for my daughter's first dental visit (the office is behind several others and I did not see it). I offered to reschedule but they let us go ahead and come in. The office is in a nice area but I felt that the room we were escorted to wasn't very modern. There was no movie to entertain my daughter and take her mind off being nervous (she's five) and when I asked whether they were going to take x-rays the assistant was short with me b/c I was late. The assistant did not go out of her way to comfort my daughter who was scared and because of "gobbing" the flouride on her teeth with a Q-tip, caused her to gag several times. My sister's dentist used a toothbrush to apply the flouride and it did not make her son gag. My sister's dentist has a dvd player in the ceiling so that the kids can look and listen with headphones while having their teeth cleaned. I did not see these things in the room we were in. Dr. Nieman himself was very nice and answered all my questions. He was very attentive and was recommended to me by my daughters pediatrician. The office staff who scheduled my appointment, checked us in and out was courteous but did not make me feel welcome. There was no cost b/c insurance covered everything.
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