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Dr. Cole is a specialists (Periodontist). Recently did a 10 mm post implant on me. Was not covered by insurance, for some reason insurance only wants to cover "bridge" procedures, which takes out two more teeth on either side of the implant. They usually do my teeth cleaning there also, do a good job due to the "Periodontal" nature of dealing with gum diease. Good friendly staff, busy place. Was able to work out a discount (25%) due the all cash nature of the bill. I stuck with a local anesthetic (less expense). Actually had a Hydrocap 7.5 mg left over from a previous visit. Dr. Cole did a good job with installing the "post". I thought there would be a lot of pain due to surgery, but it was easy, I was awake and talking the whole time. It takes 3 months for the bone to grow around the metal post "groves", then another general Dentists puts the crown on top. Actually the 10 mm post is inside the gum, you can't see it, completely covered. 3 months after the surgery you have to go back and have Dr. Cole do the "uncover" so the regular dentists can get to the top to install the crown. Dr. Cole lets the assistant help with doing the drill alignment, I liked the real-time inteaction between the two, they both did a good job.
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