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Dr. John Carson DDS Sierra Periodontal Group - Dentist

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Fair Oaks, CA

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dr carson is great he is a very nice guy and explains every thing he is doing in great detail. his staff is also very great they sit down and explain every thing that is going on with paperwork. i had to have crown lengthning done 2 different times the first time it was not completed to the full extent that it needed to be and dr carson did the procedurer again with out charging me. they also offer payment plans and are willing to work just about any type of payment out with you. the back office tecs are very down to earth and are willing to just sit and chat with you while they are waiting for carson to come in. carson is great with pain control i have had alot of dental work done in the last 6 months and he has been the best at controling the pain during the procedurer the shots hurt at first but what can you expect. no one in his office is rude and they actually remember who you are like you name and every thing . they almost seam to get to know the paitents on a personal basis and are willing to work with your work secudal to make the apointments fit your life not theres..... overall dr carson is great :)
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