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Dr. Bruce Edelstein DDS - Periodontist

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I went for just an opinion/consultation about grafting for my gum recession. The office was very neat, clean, professional, and modern. I had called both the provider and my insurance company before going to confirm the cost and my out-of-network coverage for the office visit, so I wouldn't be surprised with the bill. The only unexpected cost that wasn't disclosed to me beforehand was an additional charge for digital photos taken of my mouth. Fortunately, my insurance company told me afterward the code was covered by my plan up to a certain amount, and the amount the doc billed was within the covered amount. The staff were all very friendly and took a lot of time to answer all of my questions (and I came in with a LOT of them). They educated me about the recommended procedure, and Dr. Edelstein reviewed my digital photos with me. Overall I felt like I was getting a very trustworthy opinion. My only regret is that the cost of the procedure is very expensive compared to an in-network doctor, even after the out-of-network insurance discount, so I will probably have to select another periodontist to perform the gum grafts. If cost were not the issue, I would feel confident to select Dr. Edelstein as my surgeon.

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