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Dr. Richard Squillaro DDS - Periodontist

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Philadelphia, PA

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I had three visits to Dr. Squillaro's office. On the first he reviewed the procedure, explained what would happen and told me what I needed to know to elect or decline the oral surgery (gum repair). He was very clear. On the second visit he and his skilled assistant performed the totally pain-free procedure in a relaxed atmosphere in less than an hour. He sent me on my way with complete instructions and called me that evening to see how things were going. The third visit (one week later) I returned to have the dressing removed. The operation was 100% successful. Dr. S is a real pro at this. He and his staff have a great deal of experience and are entirely dependable. The whole thing cost $900. Not bad for the skill involved and the good results.

About Front Desk: Carmela at the front desk was cordial, bright, and very clear about payment and medical history requirements.

I know this doctor: one month

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