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Dr. Andrejs Baumhammers DMD - Periodontist

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I had 2 top front teeth removed and prepared for implants. Dr.B recommended a bridge because of the cost and time involved for wearing a plastic device for one year but I chose implants. It took a year for bone insertion, post insertion, but I wanted teeth and I got terrific care. No wonder he is busy with patients. He is the best. The rooms may look old but they are clean. It is expensive and not all was covered by insurance. The office help tried to appeal the coverage but to no avail. My insurance didn't cover pain meds except for novocaine. Cost reflects usual costs of implants that require multiple stages but I lost track of the total cost. I put it on my credit card.

About Hygienist: One hygienist is a specialist in scaling (not your usual cleaning). She was excellent and I chose to go back to her (as do others from the University). It is more expensive but well worth saving my remaining teeth from gum problems..

I know this doctor: 1 year

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