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Dr. Donna Palmisano DDS - Prosthodontist

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While I can't remember when I first started coming to Dr. Palmisano's office for fillings, gum work, whitening, and regular teeth cleaning, I know it was sometime before the storm. Besides using the latest technology for recording and displaying condition of each tooth, Dr. Palmisano reviews and discusses the state of my teeth and shows me potential trouble spots in laypersons terms and not in a "rushed-to-get-rid-of-me" manner, even though I am usually the last appointment for the day due to my working schedule. While professional, this dentist and staff maintain a comfortable, relaxed, and funny atmosphere that is most pleasant for a dental office. While going to see the dentist is not my favorite pastime, these folk make it a better time. I also appreciate the office meeting my special needs from scheduling, appointment reminders, birthday cards, and preference of paste flavor to name some. I am always greeted upon entering the office and and given a status of how long a wait it will be.

About Hygienist: Hygienist Janet remembers cinnamin is not my favorite flavor even though it is hers and always has different flavor ready for me. Hygienist also puts up with my other peculiarities while in the dental chair and seems to understand them from the glare of the light to salivation buildup and unintentional spraying. She is thorough and leaves my teeth feeling clean. The dentist always follows up with inspection after cleaning and reviews my file and dental pictures with me. Hygienist does not make me feel like I am on an assembly line.

I know this doctor: 6+ years

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