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Dr. Elliot Kronstein DDS Restorative Dental Group - Prosthodontist

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Cambridge, MA

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I love Dr. Kronstein! He is amazing. He is amazingly brilliant and also amazingly kind & gentle and I thank God that I was referred to him, as he saved me from a life of tooth and jaw pain. He reconstructed my bite after it had been damaged by another dentist in another state. When I first met with Dr. K, I was wearing a mouth splint 24/7 as I also had a horrible case of tmj from the shoddy dental work that the other dentist had done. I couldn't chew properly and I was in constant jaw pain. I had been told by the docs I went to for my tmj (not Dr. K) that my choices were 1) get braces {steel braces for 2 years}; 2) get every tooth in my mouth crowned; or 3) wear a mouthplate when I chewed. I was beside myself, as I had never had tmj or teeth problems before I want to the bad dentist. I saw Dr. K on the recommendation of my chiropractor and Dr. K ended up giving me 4 crowns on my bottom back molars, and insisted that I stop wearing the mouth splints. Now, I'm out of pain and chew normally, and I sing the praises of Dr. K to anyone who will listen. He's not cheap, but his ability is so far beyond the typical that it is worth it, as in the end he saved me time and pain. Which is worth a million bucks.
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