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Dr. Robert Sanker DDS - Prosthodontist

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Rockville, MD

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Dr. Sankar is our regular dentist. We have used him for regular care for 9 years, fillings, crowns, and other work. One crown he did for me was complicated by requiring treatment from two other specialists and the tooth had suffered sufficient damage that success was not guaranteed. He gave me realistic appraisals of the situation throughout the treatment process and has diligently followed up on subsequent checkups to prevent further deterioration of the tooth and gum. He is knowledgable, diligent, and appropriately conservative with treatment. You can count on his answers; if he does not know something he won't make something up to hide it. All of our dental procedures with Dr. Sankar have gone smoothly and his staff is proficient at minimizing pain and discomfort. His office is a pleasure to deal with. Although he is not on our dental plan, the office files the paperwork for us. His regular visits are only slightly more expensive then our insurance company's reimbursement rates; his crowns are more expensive, but the confidence of knowing I am getting only the crowns I need and that the work is of high quality is well worth it. When other specialists are needed, he has provided excellent referals.

I know this doctor: 9 years

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