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Dr. Burney Croll DDS - Prosthodontist

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New York, NY

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I came to Dr. Croll for an implant on the recommendation of a friend about 20 years ago having lost a tooth due to an improper root canal by another dentist. I immediately thought I had found the best dentist in New York in Dr. Croll and continue to believe that's true. I have had regular cleanings and maintenance in his office, several porcelain veneers, fillings and crowns and am always impressed with the quality of his work - he is more than a dentist - he is an artist - and thorough and personable. I have had no trouble with insurance claims - they are put through immediately by the front desk staff. I definitely recommend him to others.

About Front Desk: Exceptional - extremely competent and friendly. Several of the staff have been at Dr. Croll's front desk for as long as I've been his patient and say hello to me by name as I walk in. My insurance is put through immediately electronically by them as I leave and my reimbursement always arrives the following week.

About Hygienist: Excellent. I have had cleanings by all of the hygienists who work with Dr. Croll and have always found their work and vigilance to be exceptional. My appointment can go 60 minutes depending on what needs to be done. Dr. Croll always comes in and says hello and checks everything out before I leave.

Hygiene time: 60

I know this doctor: 20 years

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