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Dr. Barry Sporer DMD - Prosthodontist

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I went to see this dentist after another dentist wanted to charge me 22,000 for what Dr. Sporer charged 11,900. I am phobic! I am terrified of dentists, my mouth is a MESS! Dr. Sporer is a GENIUS, he is a GREAT dentist. I felt absolutely no pain during and especially after one extraction and two implants! NO SWELLING. He was conscientious, kind, I never knew during the procedure how difficult it was to create a temporary bridge so I wouldn't look like one of the Mc Coys! His temporary bridge looks BETTER than the permanent one I had which Dr. Sporer kept for when all my work is done. All this was done in comfort, properly sedated with gas and novocaine of which I did not feel not even one! I took not one single simple Tylenol after the 3 hour procedure! I just used ice on my face. His assistant Anna was stellar. His office staff Evonne and Kathy are fabulous, caring and careful, making sure that I had followed all the pre-day of procedure guidelines. If you do not go to this dentist you are doing yourself a disservice. I only wish I had met him 7 years ago when I spent $57,000 on a dentist and all these bridges are failing NOW. I should've been told that I needed implants back then. God bless Dr. S and his staff! Thanks, Liz.

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