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Dr. Timothy Butson DMD MSD - Prosthodontist

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all of the crown and bridge work done by dr. Butson had to be removed a year later. he left open margins all over my mouth - this means bacteria can get underneath the dental work and cause decay. without asking me, dr. Butson had the lab add yellow staining on my crowns for a more "natural" look which I disliked. having been to many, many dentists over the years, dr. Butson stands out as the my most negative experience. not only did I waste thousands of dollars, and compromise my teeth with further trauma of botched dental work, I had to endure dr. butson's inconsistent and sometimes frightening chairside manner. when things didn't go his way while I was in the chair, dr. Butson would often curse and/or belittle his staff. the entire experience was such a nightmare that I've talked about it at length with other people. not surprisingly, I met another patient of dr. Butson who had a similar experience regarding his chairside manner. this patient, whose wife recommended he see dr. Butson, would tell his wife after an appointment, "why did you send me there? each time he's worse than the time before." in conclusion, I do not recommend dr. Butson - it makes no sense to pay top dollar for substandard work.

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