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I took my son to see Dr. Kim, and I specifically told them I did not want fluoride treatments. When my son came out of his appointment, he had had a fluoride treatment! I was appalled, since I had not authorized this. I told the front desk staff how upset I was, and that I wanted to speak to the dentist. I was told that he was busy, and would call me later. He never did. Not long after, I received a patient survey by email, and once again told this story, and asked him to contact me. He never did. Any dentist who would allow this to happen in his office, and then not even bother to apologize is not doing his job! Fluoride is toxic, and does absolutely nothing to prevent cavities in the water--European countries don't fluoridate and there is no difference in their cavity levels compared to the US. 25 studies prove that it reduces children's IQ! This is not quackery--this is real science people. Check it out for yourself:
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