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Dr. Lawrence L. Trimmell DDS - Orthodontist

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My son had braces for almost 3 years. When Dr. Trimmell took them off, my son's bite was VERY off still and some of his teeth were still crooked. He said all he could do was to put the braces back on, which for a high school kid whose worn braces for almost 3 years, isn't a very viable option. All I could think was, "why in the heck did he take the braces off in the first place, if his bite wasn't corrected yet and he still had some crooked teeth?!" Dr. Trimmell sensed I was upset and not satisfied, and sent us to see his son, who is in practice with him. Free of charge, they gave my son Invisiline, which are clear retainers custom made to your mouth and you change to a new retainer every 6 weeks or so. That was very nice of his son and it did help somewhat but my son's bite is still very, very off and some of his teeth still crooked.
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