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Dr. James Fakler DDS - Dentist

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West Allis, WI

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I started going to here in 2004. It looked like a nice family dental practice located in West Allis situated in a comfortable house and not an office. Had uneasy feelings due to the dated dental equipment and less than clean office enviroment. The receptionist always seemed uptight and thus in turn made me uncomfortable. I never seemed to have the same dental practitoner upon each return and rarely saw the actual dentistt. Today I called for a teeth cleaning and was greeted with a 'can you hold" as opposed to a hello. When I asked the receptionist for an appointment she said I would need to come in first for another pre-visit, thus making it a two trip appointment. This happens there all the time. I asked can't I just come in for one visit, and a snotty reply of "no" followed. This made me rethink my options and said I am going to see if I can find another dentist at which point the woman replied with a very forceful and disrespectful "GOOD!". Unproffessional to say the least. My girfriend visited the same place a year ago under a tooth emergency and refuses to go back after similiar results.
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