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Dr. Detra Brooks DDS - Dentist

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Charlotte, NC

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Very unhappy with this office. Had to wait several months for my appointment. Was not thrilled with having to return to correct work that was completed. Arrived one morning to witness the assistant addressing a coworker with total disrespect, and immaturity. I was beside myself when she turned and stated she was ready to not return at all. Not a very good impression to make with patients in the lobby. There is no clear line of communication in the office and I think that most of the employee's are not happy. I was told by the doctor's helper I could make payment's toward my treatment. Later I was called by another staff member and told that I would not be able to come back without full payment. Clearly this was not addressed with an obvious system in place. I am now looking at other offices to move to and I am open to suggestions.

About Hygienist: Very rude to coworkers, and found my hygienist to be very rough. I had to take Advil that evening , and that was just after having a routine cleaning.

I know this doctor: 16 months

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