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Dr. James Forester DDS - Dentist

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Duluth, GA

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I went to Dr. Forester because he was referred to me as the dentist who does, "...the best veneers I've ever seen." Well, I did not want veneers. I had a filling that caused me constant pain. It had been done, redone and retreated by two previous dentists, both of whom were recommended by MD's or Orthodontists. It was just a very difficult, root level filling. I drove 2 hours to see Dr. Forester and after he redid the filling, the pain was FINALLY gone. Over the years, Dr. Forester has also done two crowns for me and, in one case, was able to place a very large filling that has avoided a crown now for 8 years. He listens to my concerns and makes recommendations that are most practical for me, not what pays the most per hour as I have encountered elsewhere. Dr. Forester has integrity, and does impeccable work.

About Front Desk: Excellent

About Hygienist: Excellent.

I know this doctor: 11 years

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