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Dr. George Green DDS - Dentist

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Coral Springs, FL

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Dr. Green is uncompassionate selfish individual . He only thinks about money he purposely does bad work so you may have to come back and spend more money . It's had taken nearly a year of work to complete my dental work! I had an extraction a root canal all my teeth grinding to a point bridge put in a post and crown all in one day. I am in his old office which has new people in the same building.whom are Coral Springs dental center Who are no better than Dr. Green and treat their patients the same they're only interested in profit they purposely ground off my crown off , knowing that they would never redo it. I only went there for a loose crown and lm now sitting with a temporary in my mouth now. . They are now asking for nearly $8000 to correct their own mistake, they are unethical and needed to be reported American dental Association . The New Jersey Shyster office manager Ron admits no wrong doing and does not want to correct their wrongdoing . I am definitely a better individual to poor workmanship . Union dental and coral Springs dental both do shoddy work if you're thinking about using them think twice learn from my experience . RUN

I know this doctor: 2 years they had to keep doing it over and over

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