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I am an old patient of Dr. Philbin- my sibling and I went to him as children/teenagers for braces. He was aware that I had impacted wisdom teeth. Yet when the question of removing my braces was brought to light by my parents (to keep the braces on until my wisdom teeth were extracted) he decided to take off my braces BEFORE my teeth were done shifting. BAD IDEA. After only 1 year without braces, even after removing my impacted wisdom teeth, my teeth had shifted completely. I returned to Dr. Philbin, desperate for a second consult to redo my teeth, and he wouldn't even give me a discount for being a previous patient (Even though HE told us it was ok to take off the braces before my wisdom teeth were removed). He wanted to charge me the full THOUSANDS to redo them. I do not trust him. He is in it for the money, and did not care about my teeth or smile. In addition, my sibling suffered the same fate - her braces were removed too early, and her front teeth shifted completely. We are disappointed in the invested of thousands in someone so unknowledgeable about orthodontics. And when approached later for a second consult, he does not take responsibility nor will give a discount to a previous patient. DO NOT GO TO HIM.

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