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Dr. James Penna DDS - Dentist

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Dr. Penna is incompetent. He put a crown on my lower front tooth but made the crown too long. As a direct result of his mistake, my tooth broke. This, in turn, required that I had to get extensive restorative work that has taken over a year to complete, which cost me thousands of dollars. Dr. Penna refused to cover these costs. However, he agreed to do the restorative crown work that was needed at no additional cost to me. Even so, the other restorative work that was needed solely as a result of Dr. Penna's bad work cost me thousands of dollars. To make matters worse, when he put the new crowns on, he damaged one of the implants that I had to have as a result of his prior bad work. Also, after agreeing to provide the crowns that I needed as a result of his incompetence at no additional charge to me, he demanded over $2,500 while he was in the middle of doing the crowns as a condition of his continuing. I would not let my worst enemy, let alone a friend, go to Dr. Penna.

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